WriteOnCon 2011 Debut Fundraising Giveaways!!!

So if you haven’t heard of Write On Con, it’s an online writer’s conference. And it’s pretty sweet. They had great video recordings of speakers, and live chats, and prizes, and what not. It had the feel of a live con, and all of the content is available online. So go check it out. Now, they’re doing giveaways to promote the next Write On Con, and if you like to read, or go to cons, you should go there on Tuesday the 14th and enter to win some bitchin prizes.

These prizes include pre-ordered YA books of many genres, chapter critiques, ARCs and more. They’ll be posted throughout the day on Tuesday. Here’s the schedge:

7 AM: Beth Revis
8 AM: Julia Karr
9 AM: Lisa Desrochers
10 AM: Carrie Harris
11 AM: Tom Greenwald
12 PM: Ruta Sepetys
1 PM: Maurissa Guibord
2 PM: Kendare Blake
3 PM: Tess Gratton
4 PM: Caroline Starr Rose
5 PM: Randy Russell

Hey, that’s me at 2 PM. I’ve donated a prize pack of a three chapter critique, a signed copy of Sleepwalk Society, and an ARC of Anna Dressed in Blood. More authors are sure to jump on this bandwagon, supporting this great writing resource. So, you know, go there and enter. Donate if you can for extra chances to win. Support these chicks. They bust their humps and the prizes are kickin.

More details will follow later.

One thought on “WriteOnCon 2011 Debut Fundraising Giveaways!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    WriteOnCon & Turtles

    Hi Kendare! Thanks for spreading the word about WriteOnCon and for being so incredibly generous as to donate your time and books to their giveaway.

    Beware though — you’ll have a bit less time and fewer books if you don’t stop playing with the turtles. :-O

    Seriously, thanks, you’re the best!

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