The Skinny on Pre-Order Swag, Signed Copies, and Bonus Material for One Dark Throne

They’re so…PRETTY!

The Pre-order swag: It’s a deck of Three Dark Crowns playing cards! Some of the artwork is shown above. I can’t wait to get mine. I’m going to play all the rummy in the world. If you have pre-ordered, and are in the US, go here to submit your info and proof of purchase before 9/18 to receive a deck: Pre-order Swag

The Signed Editions: Okay, my intel on this is not the best, but you can definitely find signed copies around. Here’s a list of places you might be able to find them:

  • BAM
  • Indigo
  • Costco
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Some International editions
  • Barnes and Noble

The Bonus Material: This is an extra bit of story featuring Katharine and Pietyr. It’s available exclusively from Barnes & Noble. They’ll sell these until they run out, but I don’t know how many they’ve ordered. They’ll also stock Signed Bonus editions until they run out of those. If you want one of these, go here: BN Exclusive Signed and BN Exclusive Only

Also, if you pre-order, thank you. I hope you love the second book in the series, and just…thank you. And did I mention THANK YOU? Of course I’m grateful for any and all purchases/recs, library orders, etc, but you pre-orderers are so impressively on top of things.

Ok. End of book stuff for this entry. Now let’s talk about my Game of Thrones sorrow. Spoilers ahead if you’re behind on Season 7




Now if you’re behind on Season 7


That’s good enough, we should be alone. Alone, so I can SCREAM! You motherf*cking Night King I will have your stupid blue head on a pike for what you have done you stupid, mother*fucking blue-headed and did I mention motherf*cking? ASSHOLE. All I wanted was for Tyrion and Viserion to ride off together, just show their backsides to the rest of Westeros and go off to frolic, you know, by the sea.

But NO. You moronic, grinning, butt-faced Night King with your stupid blue head (You ain’t no Mary Poppins!) had to aim for the smallest dragon. The sweetest dragon. The dragon who landed on strangers and needed to be shaken off when he kept trying to get on Dany after he was too big. And now you must die. I mean, you were probably going to die anyway, but now I’m serious.

The only way I’ll forgive you is if you grow to love Wight Viserion so much that you turn your buttcheeks to the rest of Westeros and you take him and go frolic by the undead sea instead.

Rant over for now, to be repeated every time I see the MOTHERF*CKING NIGHT KING!

Waaah, Viserion! I don’t care if Jon is supposed to ride Rhaegal eventually. I’d rather it have been Rhaegal.

16 thoughts on “The Skinny on Pre-Order Swag, Signed Copies, and Bonus Material for One Dark Throne

  1. Julia Jin says:

    Hi! I think I may have accidentally submitted my receipt twice, because I wasn’t sure that I’d sent it in the first time. Is that okay?

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      I’m sure it’s fine! But if you don’t receive your cards after the 19th you can always follow up with Epic Reads. Thank you so much for pre-ordering!

  2. Ryan says:

    First, I am SO excited for One Dark Throne – I can’t even express my enthusiasm.


    1. Kendare Blake says:

      Firstly, thank you. I hope you really like it. Second, yes, Viserion. And did you notice that the stupid effing Night King didn’t even give him a pat when he was making him ice down the Wall? Rude.

  3. Amanda Scheel says:

    Hi there! I was a bit confused on the deck of cards giveaway because the page never answered my questions.. I hope it is okay to ask you, even though I’m not sure if you have the answers either.

    “One (1) deck of Three Dark Crowns series playing cards will be mailed to each qualified respondent while supplies last at the address submitted 4-6 weeks after the Promotion ends” Does that mean it will come 4-6 weeks after or will it be shipped out 4-6 weeks after?

    Also, is there any way that we can know if we got cleared for the deck? I sent in my preorder and I just want to make sure I am getting this gorgeous deck or not.

    Thank you so much! I absolutely adore this series and I can’t wait for my B&N exclusive, signed copy gets here!

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      I’m afraid you’re right…I’m not sure! I would think that either way, shipping will not take long, so if much more than 6 weeks passes and you still don’t receive the cards, maybe follow-up with Epic Reads. Or with me! Thank you so much for pre-ordering.

  4. Clementine says:

    Hi! I absolutely love these books, they are such a wonderful read. I have been looking online and maybe it’s simply to early to ask but is this the end of the journey for this wonderful fantasy realm or will there be other books to follow that are not prequels?

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      Hi Clementine! After the prequels in paperback this spring comes book 3 in September 2018. And then book four in September 2019…assuming I don’t miss any deadlines! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series so far. Thank you.

  5. Hello, Miss Kendare Blake, I really enjoyed your works, among them (Three Black Crowns), if possible I would love to read the continuation, I hope you write it, because it really is very good, success and much inspiration for more beautiful works.

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      Hi Vanessa! Book two is already out in the US and should be available elsewhere about…6 months to one year following whenever the first one came out. I’m sorry I have a hard time keeping up with the release dates of foreign editions 🙂 I’m so glad that you liked it! Thank you.

  6. Katherine says:

    Hello! This series has become my favorite and on my next trip to Barnes and Noble I plan to pick up Anna Dressed in Blood. So I started making custom dolls and I decided my first set will be character’s from this book, I’m working on Katharine right now but Mirabelle’s doll is slowly creeping up on me and it would like to ask what kind of outfit would she wear as an everyday kind of thing?

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      Wow! Dolls! I would love to see them! Katharine and Mirabella both dress rather formally on a day-to-day basis. Always in all black, though Mirabella sometimes wears elemental colored jewelry. Katharine rides horses a lot, so if you were looking for a more casual outfit, her riding habit might work. Otherwise though, they tend to wear black dresses. Mirabella’s are often looser and flowier. And she would be more likely to wear a shirt/skirt combination, possibly sleeveless. But honestly, whatever your imagination tells you, I’m sure will be amazing.

      P.S., since Anna Dressed in Blood is an older book, they probably won’t stock it in stores at Barnes and Noble anymore. You’ll have to request it be ordered in 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Sam says:

    Hi! Ok so I (sadly) just found out about these cards over a month later, whoops my bad! Guess I’m extremely forgetfull. Do you know if the cards will ever be available again or shall I spend my days scouring the Internet waiting for someone to sell them

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      I don’t know if they’ll ever be available again. I have a few extras I’m using as prizes for my book launches, if you happen to be local to Seattle or Minnesota. Or I might do a flash giveaway on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook one of these days 🙂

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