The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist.

Title today is from The Usual Suspects, a lovely film in which Benicio Del Toro defies all rules of accents. Why am I using it? I don't know. Although admittedly, a week before a book comes out, there is a not so small urge to POOF! And disappear. Even if there's nothing wrong. I'd still like to spend the week slinking from bottom of rock to bottom of rock, only pausing to lift my head and squawk incoherently.

But I can't! Curses! Revisions of GIRL OF NIGHTMARES are past the halfway point, and if I'm lucky, will almost reach the wrap zone by the end of today. Hmm. I guess between revisions and release I have not a whole lot of use to say. Damn. I expected more from me. So, I'll finish this non-post with a brief list of places I (and Anna) are going to be.

INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION- A few have asked whether Anna Dressed in Blood will be published anywhere besides the US and Canada. I still have basically no idea, but here is a short list of territories where I'm pretty sure it will release eventually:

The United Kingdom (2012)
Australia (2012)
New Zealand(2012)
Thailand (TBD)

PLACES YOU CAN THROW STUFF AT ME: But please make it soft things. Even if you say, "Hey, Kendare! Heads up!" I am still going to let it smack me in the face, and not attempt to catch it at all. Seriously. Who's got two thumbs and really slow reaction time? THIS GUY.

Scout & Morgan Booksellers, Cambridge, Minnesota (September 24, 11:30 to 1pm.)
West Hollywood Book Fair on some kind of panel, Los Angeles, California (October 2nd, time TBD)
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Trade Show, Portland, Oregon (October 14th, signing from 4:45-5:30)

Until then, I'll be underneath the nearest rock. The nearest chocolate rock.

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist.

  1. I know! It is a bit strange. I think if it was being pubbed by the same company it might’ve been different. But it went to another publisher.

  2. Anonymous says:

    International publications

    And in Spain? Any chance? 😀

    1. Re: International publications

      No word on Spain yet. But I hope so eventually!

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