Just a few quick things.

I can finally brave the blog again after that last Tybalt post. We sure do miss him around here, but life adjusts, as life does. Obi-Dog has taken over the responsibility of invading the bed and forcing us to sleep in uncomfortable positions, and Tyrion has taken over the responsibilities of eating wet food and warming my lap. Photographic evidence to follow:

He gets this expression from his uncle. Dylan doesn't know what I'm talking about, but I've seen my brother make this face so many times.
He gets this expression from his uncle. Dylan doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but I’ve seen my brother make this face so many times.

Two weeks ago we were at Sasquan, aka Worldcon, which was lovely, despite occasionally smelling like bacon thanks to the Washington State wildfires. We had a brief sighting of George RR Martin, a fun zombie panel, and a very well attended panel on scaring teens. Speaking of teens, I met two girls who had the coolest idea for Anna Dressed in Blood cosplay. One was going to be Anna cursed, and the other Anna the girl. Of course they were fighting over which would be the cursed, but taken together it’s such a fun idea. If they manage to complete it, they promised me pictures.

There’s a new Goddess War short story available to read for free at Tor.com: The Dogs of Athens It’s about Artemis, before the war began.

Mortal Gods came out in paperback last week. Ungodly comes out in hardcover in two weeks. I’ll be running an UNGODLY GIVEAWAY here shortly.

Work continues on THREE DARK CROWNS. We painted our guestroom so finally one room in our house isn’t fucking beige. Unfortunately, that room is Seahawk blue. I didn’t realize this until we put up the neon green Frogtape and Dylan started to giggle.

I finished edits on my story for The X-Files: The Truth is Out There, Volume 2.

We stained the fence, and I made Dylan put on my Karate Kid headband and ordered him around Mr. Miyagi style. Uuuup! Dooowwnn! Because that’s the only way to stain a fence.

Aaand, that’s it. I’ll be back with a giveaway soon. Word to your mother.

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