He gave me a mango!!

Ah yes, Empire of the Sun. When Christian Bale was young. And apparently a soprano. Also, where Ben Stiller has a small role that’s weird to see him in. If it taught me one thing, it was to chew my food well. Get the benefit. The quote is courtesy of Dylan, who hates Christian Bale.

The relocation to Seattle is nearly complete. The furniture should arrive later today. As I type, Dylan is hammering away on a very cheap new TV stand. Tybalt the cat is hiding above the cabinetry. Mojo Jojo the sort-of-cat, has adjusted much better.

The revision letter for Anna Dressed in Blood is due here on Monday. Can’t wait to get back to work on it. Writing as a job sometimes wears you thin, until of course you remember that you’re writing as a JOB, and then you shake it off and bounce around like a kid around a lit birthday cake. I can only hope this trend continues. Apparently I will be pitching Secret Project S to the agent as soon as it is ready, aka, through first draft.

Which brings me to a topic I didn’t really want to post about. The continuing career of a writer. I’ve been known to quote Harlan Ellison ("The hard part isn’t becoming a writer, it’s staying a writer.") and decry what a bunch of hooey that is. Well, it’s still a bunch of hooey. Bullshit even. It is harder than hard to become a writer, to become anything, and don’t you forget it. But, I’ll give him that staying a writer isn’t really any easier. Just because one book sells, or even two, doesn’t guarantee you a career of advance checks. These days, not even being steady on the mid-list can guarantee that. So I guess you just keep scrapping it out, putting out the very best that you can, and hope they take hold. It’s harder for us, but better for the world, because nobody needs books that are churned off an assembly line. If the well dries up, move on. Stop ripping off plots from Simpsons movies and writing books about evil desk lamps. Yes, I’m talking to you, Stephen King, and you, Stephen King from Family Guy.

Well, in good writing news, there’s a new story up at Mirror Dance. This is the one about the death of the greek goddesses, and it is the seed for Secret Project S. Is that giving away too much of the secret? Ah, screw it. Please check it out:


While you’re there, check out the bitchin artwork selected to go with it.

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