Final Sasquan schedule, and a few fall events

I’m going to Worldcon this year! Effen Booking dot yeah I am. And I’m very excited, even though I am not at all informed about/involved with the Sad and or Rabid Puppy controversy. My only plan is to meet up with my good pal, author Trent Reedy and harass him about when the last installment of the DIVIDED WE FALL trilogy is coming, and to spy on George RR Martin around the corner of a wall, then giggle into my hand and run away.

Here’s my official schedule, for anyone who wants to find me:

Saturday 8/22

2:30-3pm Reading in DBT Spokane Falls Suite A/B

I don’t know what I’m reading. Probably one of the Goddess War stories, so either When Gods and Vampires Roamed Miami, or The Dogs of Athens. Or, if I’m all alone, maybe my X-Files story, because then I can do my “Mulder voice”.

4-4:45pm Fresh Young Brains panel in CC Bays 11B

With Steven Barnes, Susan Forest and Julie McGalliard. It’s a zombie panel. Those who know me know I fear the zombies. I may have nothing to add to this conversation except vague, incoherent screams.

Sunday 8/23

10-10:45am Oh the Horror! panel in CC300D

With Scott Edelman, Susan Forest and Gillian Redfearn. This is a horror in YA panel. You’d think I’d have more to say on this topic. But I’m still planning on contributing mostly vague, incoherent screams.

12-12:45pm Signing in CC Hall B

I will sign whatever you’ve got. Anna, Antigoddess, books that aren’t mine. I won’t sign pets or children, as they can’t give consent. I’ll also be giving away some very fine Slasher Girls & Monster Boys commemorative T-shirts. First come, first shirted.

So that’s my Sasquan! Up on the Events page, you can find details on two other events I have this fall, including one very cool Halloween haunted after hours party where I will read tarot for people. If you’re in that area, definitely stop out.

And if you’re coming to Sasquan, say hi! Unless I’m spying on George RR Martin around the corner of a wall. Then just leave me to it for a few minutes or it’ll get weird.

2 thoughts on “Final Sasquan schedule, and a few fall events

  1. Marla Raymond says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! You’re coming to Spokane?!?!?!?!?! I so want to meet you and have you sign my Anna books!!!!!!!! Gosh I hope I don’t have to work that day (Fingers crossed…eyes closed….Please don’t have any fires that day….PLEASE DON’T HAVE ANY FIRES THAT DAY!!!!!!) Or if you’re feeling adventurous maybe you can sneak out to the Spokane Indian Reservation just for me….LOL would so love that…and no worries, you bet you’d fit right in!!!!!!

    1. Kendare Blake says:

      Hi Marla! It would be great to meet you! Are you a sci fi and fantasy fan? Are you thinking of attending the con?

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