Daniel-san! You all wet behind ear!

Why the Karate Kid? Because Will Smith’s kid thinks he can BE the new Karate Kid, and I just don’t know about that. However, I am surprisingly willing to let Jackie Chan have a go at Mr. Miyagi. But Grr, what’s next, a remake of Top Gun with Tom Cruise as Viper and Katie Holmes as the new Mav?

On to less grumbling. I passed the initial requirement of 10k before leaving for Seattle on Secret Project S. So, I’ve decided to increase the requirement to 15k. I won’t feel confident that I’m even going to finish it until I get around the 35k mark. Having said that, I can’t recall ever starting a book that I didn’t ultimately finish. Having said THAT, I can’t recall any other book that I’ve had to re-start as many times as this one. But I think I like how it’s going. I think that it’s finally what it’s supposed to be, and that is gory and epic and smartass. I think I’m going to be working on a lot of gory, epic smartass in the coming year. Because the same could be said about The Girl From Hell. Well, if I think about it, Cas is probably more of a smartass than anyone in Secret Project S.  I’m starting to miss him, can you tell? He just showed me a scene from the sequel a few days ago…something with him and Thomas. Something that I like a lot, but won’t spoil here. I’m starting to miss them all, and that’s a very good sign.

So I’m thinking of joining the Northwest Writers Association. Anyone know anything about it? Good or bad?  Email me. Or comment, whatever.

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