A Good Plan Requires A Thoughtful Discourse

The quote, or something like it, is from Ian McKellen and Aaron Eckhart’s Neverwas. If you haven’t seen it, do. It’s a lovely little film, sort of like Bridge to Terabithia for adults. Why am I using the quote? The reason is twofold. You see, I am one day away from starting The Girl From Hell, and I need to believe in magic. Neverwas is one of those movies that makes you do that. Secondly, a good plan does require a thoughtful discourse. And ever since I started this business of writing without a plan, that bothers me.

Anyway, I don’t outline. Used to. Quit. I could have started this sequel anytime since finishing ANNA. Didn’t. It wasn’t ready. So I wrote Secret Project S. Love it. Yay. And sure enough, a few weeks after that wrapped, Cas (ANNA’s narrator) started tapping on my shoulder. I’d be hanging around my new boring day job and he’d say, "Hey…hey…maybe this happens." And I’d shrug. Maybe. And go on about my boring business. Then he’d come back. "Hey…hey…maybe we start out in a car….or maybe a train…or…" At which point I’d tell him to get lost, I’m busy. But I wasn’t. Not really. And I wasn’t that annoyed either. Because once the characters start tapping my shoulder, I know they’re getting ready to start. Sooner or later, the "maybe" disappears. A few days ago, Cas finally told me where he was. And away we go.

Where to? Don’t know. We’ll find out when we get there. I’ve got a self-imposed deadline in mind as the end of January.

One thought on “A Good Plan Requires A Thoughtful Discourse

  1. helenlandalf says:

    I can so relate to this! I don’t outline either, and it often takes a long time for my characters to tell me they’re ready to have their story told. Good luck with your deadline!

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