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Where Have I Been? Under a pile of books? In a fugue state? Yes, and Yes.

At this point, I have been away from this website for so long that I’m not even going to mention what’s happened in the interim. Suffice it to say, there has been a string of Very Bad Things.  I was talking to my dad yesterday and joked that I thought I might be under some kind of curse, and he said, that while it might feel that way, sometimes life just has a series of kinks that need to work themselves out. And I said, “Curses, old man! What do you know?” But, he’s probably right.

Since I’ve been gone, two Buffy books have come out, and the third is set to release on April 9th. I can’t wait to live it up one final time in the Buffyverse. I am going, to par-tay. I’m talking series readalongs and maybe episode watchalongs and BUFFY TRIVIA and Annotated Copy Giveaways and I hope some of you Buffy fans will join me.

For all you non-Buffy fans, come on, watch Buffy with us. But also, I have two books coming out this month:

cover image of the Anna Dressed in Blood paperback reissue

The Anna Dressed in Blood Anniversary Edition (September 12th)


Champion of Fate cover

Champion of Fate (September 19th)

The ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD ANNIVERSARY EDITION features an all-new novella called “DEAR ANNA” that catches up with Cas, Thomas and Carmel ten years later. They go to a haunted hotel, which is someplace I’ve always wanted to see Cas go. A certain ghostly love of his life may also make an appearance.

CHAMPION OF FATE is my love-letter to the epic fantasies of my youth. Immortal warriors and immortal horses, secret orders, heroes on a journey. To the Amazons and the Jedi. To the Iliad and the Mists of Avalon. To Lord of the Rings. And yes, to Xena: Warrior Princess. Which, if anyone wants to make a show based on Champion of Fate, doing it in the style of Xena: Warrior Princess would be a good way to do it. Just saying.

If you preorder Champion of Fate, please email a screenshot of your receipt and your mailing address to and I will send you three character tarot cards and a sticker as a thank you. Because preorders are really important! Submit the same thing to my publisher on this Champion of Fate Preorder page and they’ll send you a rad metal pin. Because seriously, they love those preorders. And when my publisher is happy, I feel…relaxed.

Another Bad or Bittersweet thing to note: (I’m telling you, Dad, I’m cursed, dammit! Throw some salt at me, what kind of a father are you?) I recently lost my wonderful agent of more than twelve years, Adriann Ranta Zurhellen. (I adore Adriann; she’s absolutely brilliant and without her I would have no career to speak of. Three Dark Crowns, in particular, would not exist as it does now.) I’m excited for her as she moves on to a new adventure in editorial, but I am definitely sad. Thankfully, after a call earlier today I’m very lucky to be staying on with Folio Literary Management, with the wonderful Emily Van Beek.

ONE LAST THING: You might notice there’s a newsletter sign-up on this website now. Because one day I was feeling like not a total lazy pants. For folks who sign up, my plan is to send you the bonus Three Dark Crowns story about Joseph and Billy, which isn’t available anywhere else. I just need to get the story all formatted and prettied up and I will do that as soon as these release things calm down.

OK, now this is really the last thing. We recently welcomed a stray cat into our home, so please welcome my new cat-son, Tom Bezos-Daytona. If you want to know the origin of his name, check the reel about him on my Instagram.

A long haired tuxedo cat in a fancy red clown collar
He still calls me, “Ma’am”. I’m like, no Tom, it’s MOM.


ANTIGODDESS is here! And so is the Antigoddess Release Thank You Contest Type Thing.

During a week like this, you might think my house was filled with shouting and flailing, sort of like this:

Kermit Flail
But in reality, all my flailing looks more like this:
cookie monster

Mmm. All the delicious flailing.

But, that aside, it's here! Antigoddess is here! And I want to thank you, for giving it a try. So here's a contest type giveaway thing for folks who buy the book.

I'm calling it a contest instead of a giveaway because I don't know how winners will be decided. Some will be by random draw, others may be voted on by select judges. This is a ramshackle contest, people, because that's how I run my life. I don't even know for sure, what all the prizes will be. But here are a few I do know for sure.

– Reserved ARCs of ARISTEIA (Antigoddess 2). Three of them. Way way advance, way way reserved. For three different entrants. As soon as I get em, you'll have em.

– Signed bookplates and feather bookmarks. I don't know how many of these. Until I run out of stamps, I guess.

-Some kind of tasty food type prize, which will be determined based on the winner's personal preferences.

-Miscellaneous swag

-My undying gratitude

-I will put your pet (complete pet, with personality traits, appearance and name) into a book, or you can determine the name/appearance of a human character. *

1 Grand Prize
One ARISTEIA ARC, signed feather bookmark and doodled bookplate for your
copy of ANTIGODDESS, tasty food prize, undying gratitude, and the pet/character
design choice. Also, perhaps some weird knicknack. You don't know what I'm
putting in here, is what I'm saying.

*I cannot guarantee that any future book with this pet or character will actually be published (though it won't be for lack of trying!), and you will have to give express written permission to use the name/likeness and/or your pet's name and likeness.

How to enter:

You have to buy Antigoddess to enter. I'm not asking for receipts, because I believe in the honor system and your word is your bond.

Just comment here and tell me you bought it, or got it for your birthday, or someone bought it for you. (If my publisher, Tor, bought it for you, I'm so sorry, that totally doesn't count. Unless they bought it for your birthday.)

You can also tweet me @KendareBlake. Comment at the Antigoddess Facebook page, or my own page if we're friends, why not?

Fun entries, because come on, I need cheer while on the road:

I love fun entries. I love creativity. And readers are crazy creative. So. If you do fan art, if you have funny comments, if you tell me who your favorite character is and why, if you write a poem, if there's some weird thing you've always wanted to do with a book and it isn't illegal…

Or you can send me a selfie or a funny photo of yourself and/or the book, like this one that Ash took:**

ash hug

Hey, take it easy. Antigoddess can't breathe.

If you have already contacted me about your preorder, you are already entered in this contest. Automatically. But if you want to take a weird selfie of you and the book, maybe having a romantic dinner, or propped up in front of a garden gnome, I won't stop you.

Enter by tweet @KendareBlake, email, comment here, comment anywhere, pretty much just contact me. I try to make it as easy as possible. If I could make it easier, I would, because this contest is a thank you, to YOU, excellent, most loved reader.

**by sending me photos, you are consenting to the possibility that I may plaster them all over the blog, or retweet them, or just treasure them forever, like the creeper I am.

Wow, this is a long fricken post. But now I get serious. I don't often get serious, but here goes. THANK YOU. Thank you for giving Antigoddess a shot, for allowing it into your world of reading, I hope you love it, I hope you escape for awhile into a place of dying gods, I hope it passes the time for you in waiting rooms and while avoiding work and/or homework. Thank you so much.

UPDATED: I forgot to mention this contest is open until I get back from the road trip on October 15th! Sorry! Should have said that.