Sleepwalk Society

A coming of age for three friends

2011 Indie Excellence Finalist in the Crossover Fiction category and winner of the Sponsor's Choice Award!

Terran, the beautiful one, blonde and rich, and secretly cracking beneath the weight of perfection. Joey, the violent one, who wins Terran's heart after years of hoping, and then has to deal with the troubling aftermath; And Violet, their best friend, a thoughtful, sarcastic girl, who is powerless as she watches their love self-destruct, even while she embarks on a new love of her own, with Brandon, an older boy with dark, mischievous eyes and a way of thinking she's never encountered before.

Each of them is standing at the edge of a brave new world, where the future is more uncertain than ever. None of them know what to expect, and not one of them has a plan. And before the summer is over, their friendships and loves will be jarred by betrayal and changed forever. They'll each find themselves propelled forward in ways they never imagined.

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What People Are Saying...

"Sleepwalk Society is full of brilliant writing, touching, sad at times, funny at others"

"It is an unfortunate trend in young adult fiction today that the genre's teenage protagonists tend to be concerned more with love and present happiness than the future. Twilight's Bella Swan, the most widely-known adolescent protagonist since a certain boy wizard made his way onto the literary scene, defines her life around her vampire lover, choosing to forego further education and any chance of a career in favor of immortal codependency, centuries in which “the present” has extended itself indefinitely. So it is no exaggeration to say that Violet, the plain, wryly observant, angsty heroine of Kendare Blake's Sleepwalk Society is a welcome change: a character whose meditations on life, the future, philosophy, and mankind are – if not particularly original – nevertheless all the more poignant in their familiarity. Violet is no cardboard heroine; she is concerned more with figuring out herself and her world than with vampiric tonsil hockey – and so her voyage of self-discovery is at its core more painfully, poetically real in its simplicity that any epic romance could ever be.

...minor flaws aside, this is certainly an engaging and above all emotionally honest young adult novel, the likes of which are far too rare in today's market. If anything, I can best compare Sleepwalk Society not to other Young Adult books on the shelves but to countercultural seventies films like The Graduate or Harold and Maude (a connection Blake hints at briefly when comparing 9/11 to the Kennedy assassination): coming-of-age stories in which their protagonists open their minds to a world much greater than themselves."
Tara Isabella Burton   Contributor to the Best Teen Writing anthologies
"Sleepwalk Society, Kendare Blake's new sizzling novel, is full of brilliant writing, touching, sad at times, funny at others. A young writer with a talent to watch out for." Vivian Hassan-Lambert   Author of KONICEK and BLISS
"In her compelling debut, "Sleepwalk Society," Kendare Blake explores what it means to define oneself and how expectations and relationships influence the direction of one's life.

...Blake writes with a graceful subtlety and insight as she creates a complex and intriguing cast of characters, most notably Violet, who is wonderfully vulnerable and honest as she navigates the difficult journey toward independence and self-discovery."
Jayne Pupek   Author of TOMATO GIRL

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